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photo by Sheldon Attwood photo by Sheldon Attwood
photo by Sheldon Attwood
photo by Sheldon Attwood
photo by Sheldon Attwood photo by Sheldon Attwood

Our Rides

Our rides are suitable for people of all skill levels, from complete beginners to more extreme riders. We offer bespoke rides to suit, so you get the most out of your time with your guide.

Below are examples of some of the different types of rides we offer:

Family & Beginner Rides

These rides are focused on enjoying the scenery more than concentrating on the trail. The slow and steady pace means that you can see the stunning woodland views and places of interest, whilst enjoying a ride around the forest and gradually improve your riding skills and confidence on a bike.


Trail rides take you on the graded trails and are ideal for people who want to improve their handling skills and technique on a bike.

Freeminer's Trail
(Formerly known as the FODCA) is graded RED for cycle trails on the CTC classification. This is 4.5 kilometres long and includes all the things for demanding riding, switch backs, roots and berms, fast flowing and highly enjoyable.

Verderers's Trail
This 11 kilometre trail is graded BLUE and is fast becoming one of the most popular trails around.It has big berms, fast flowing sections and not to mention a fantastic descent, known as the Dragon's Tail which brings you back to the trail centre for a well deserved cup of tea and a cake. You'll probably want to go and ride it again!

The above trails are built and maintained by the Dean Trail Volunteers (DTV) in partnership with the Forestry Commission. Please see our links page for more information on how you can get involved and help the DTV carry on their great work.

Trails can be added to some natural single track for a great day out.

Single Track

With over 42 square miles of woodland, the Forest of Dean offers some of the best natural single track in the UK. Our guides will offer you the most suitable routes dependant on your skills and experience. Your guide will ensure you get to explore an exciting new route each time you ride out with us. Single track routes are great for those with basic bike skills up to the more advanced riders who want to enjoy a more challenging experience on the hidden trails that the Forest of Dean is famous for.

Single Speed

The purest form of mountain biking with no noisy gears to worry about so you just enjoy the ride!

Our guides know the most suitable routes to get the best out of your single speed mountain bike.

Retro Bikes

Remember the days when 21 gears were normal and only the professional riders had suspension? Here at Forest of Dean Mountain Bike Guides we love our retro bikes and we understand that your bike comes from an era before trail centres existed and amber walled tyres were the norm. We can put fantastic routes together so you get the most out of riding your cherished classic bike.


Mid Week Weekends
Half Day Ride £72.00 £78.00
Full Day Ride £120.00 £132.00
Prices are for groups up to eight people per guide
One to One Guiding - Price on Application